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    A message to our valued members and clients regarding COVID-19

    Obviously everyone is aware of this novel virus and the effect it is having globally. The unprecedented impact on everyone will not doubt resonate well past gaining control of it medically. We at Adrenalin want everyone to stay safe and to practice good hygiene at all times. Motorcyclists in general are a tough and hardy bunch but a little safety is still good.
    The shop has been quite busy and we want to stay open but will no doubt be making some changes as this situation evolves. We will be closing Mondays until further notice and our hours on a day to day basis may also change due to running a skeleton staff. Please call the shop if you’re planning a visit early or late in the day. We have decided to close the Pit Stop area for now and we ask that all customers do their best to minimize contact with staff and the shop in general wherever possible as well as maintaining a reasonable distance. From our side we are doing our best to keep ourselves germ free as well as the things we handle.
    This is a trying time on all small businesses and ours is no different. We appreciate the support and can’t thank our customers enough for keeping your money local where it is sorely needed.

    The Adrenalin Crew

    February 2019

    Springtime is approaching fast and it's time to knock the cobwebs off the bike. Adrenalin is the perfect place to get your bike ready for the coming season at a reasonable price. Book your appointment now!




    Welcome to Adrenalin Motorcycle Co-op ?

    Pro Dealer for ARAI?, SCOTT? and SENA? products!

    Adrenalin Motorcycle is a totally original concept in motorcycle shops, where great service, excellent value and a sense of community prevails no matter what you ride!

    At Adrenalin you will find a totally different concept in motorcycle / scooter facilities. We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of moto related services and products in a rider-friendly environment.

    Where we differ from other shops is that we also offer memberships for added value to your biking needs. Membership is definitely not required to take advantage of our great regular parts and service pricing but it does add even more value! Over one thousand memberships and counting!


    Memberships are $100 per year and $50 per year for each renewal if done before the current memberships expiry date. Your yearly membership includes:

    • Automatic discounts on everything including parts, apparel and labour. For example our already low labour rate of $105 per hour is $85 for members!
    • Unlimited free tire mount and balances for new tires purchased at Adrenalin. This does not include removal and re-installation from the bike.
    • One time free pick up / rescue of your bike and transportation back to our shop in case of a break down or mishap.
    • Rental of our Pit Stop area to do small repairs on your own machine for only $20 per hour.

    As they say, membership has it's privileges!

    If you love motorcycles, whether they be dirt bikes, sport bikes or cruisers, drop by for a visit or call for details.

    A great big thanks to all who keep their hard earned dollars working in Victoria's local ecomomy. It matters!

    See you soon!

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    6-721 Pembroke Street, Victoria, BC, Canada
    Phone:(250) 480-7874, Fax: (250) 480-7848, Toll-free: 1-866-440-7874, sales@adrenalinmotorcycle.com
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